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About Urban Metal Roofing

An unrivalled level of support, technical expertise, and design assistance

Urban Metal Roofing was founded in 2017 and are a wholly owned Irish Company servicing the Construction Roofing industry in Ireland. Operating from our Warehousing, Sales, Administration and Distribution centre alongside our sister company Laydex in Dublin. We represent some of the world’s leading brands of products in construction materials covering Roofing Systems.

We provide an unrivalled level of support, technical expertise, and design assistance throughout Ireland.

Our continued expansion is reliant upon our dedicated workforce, our supplier partners and our valued customers.

We were introduced to the Tata Steel® unique and innovative concealed fix standing seam product called Colorcoat Urban®. The Urban Seam® from Colorcoat Urban® is a roofing system that offers a modern touch to a traditional aesthetic. Colorcoat Urban® provides excellent aesthetics, performance and eco-credentials and is the roof of choice for today, tomorrow and well beyond.

From our extended experiences in installing Colorcoat Urban®, we have gained a very good knowledge of this product and are therefore very confident to carryout contracts no matter what size they may be. We feel we offer a very personal service from first meeting, to the final day of the finished installation. 

Our network of approved installers undertakes contracts nationwide and has been involved in projects. We look forward to your enquiries and relish the next Tata Steel® Colorcoat Urban® challenge.

Colorcoat Urban® Standing seam system

Rigorously tested to guarantee performance in different conditions

The Colorcoat Urban® standing seam system is designed for roofs and walls. The system includes the innovative Urban Seam® profile, ideal for houses, apartments, public and commercial buildings, schools and sports pavilions. Its inherent light weight and strength make it ideal for new build, refurbishment, temporary buildings and over-roofing applications.

Available in a range of colours designed to blend harmoniously with the landscape the interlocking profiles of the standing seam profile provides an aesthetic visual impact with uninterrupted lines. Colorcoat Urban® is exceptionally durable, produced to rigorous testing to guarantee its performance in different conditions for up to 40 years.