Private Dwelling in Kildimo

Private Dwelling in Kildimo

Contemporary roofing solution

Private Dwelling in Kildimo

Client proposed a Contemporary Roof solution for their private dwelling in Kildimo, Co Limerick. As it is a low pitch roof and not suitable for slate or tile, the requirement was a roofing product with a modern look and feel but also suit the aesthetic look of a modern home in the Country, Zinc, Standing seam and cladding were considered, but when Curry Asphalt and Laydex put forward the Urban Colorcoat solution in Anthracite, the client loved the idea and jumped at it. And also the quick waterproofing and Installation of the product suited the build. The 2 main area of the roof were installed in 2 days.

Project details

Location: Kildimo, Co Limerick

Date: 2017

Roofing Contractor: Curry Asphalt Roofing

Featured product: TATA STEEL Urban Colorcoat Anthracite