Private House, Navan

Private House, Navan

The Colorcoat Urban Project

Private House, Navan

A private house near Navan with a butterfly shaped roof Colorcoat Urban®.

Colorcoat Urban® is manufactured off-site and supplied as a kit of parts, it delivers modern aesthetics with eco-credentials. It is available in a range of colors designed to blend with the landscape and comes with guaranteed performance for up to 40 years on roof pitches as low as 5°.

RESITRIX® lining system was installed as a gutter.

Project Details

Project: Private House, Navan

Roofing Contractor: Titan Roofing

Featured Products:

TATA Steel Colorcoat Urban is Lightweight, durable, waterproof cladding. The low carbon Colorcoat Urban reflective properties of the roof, the BASF House absorbs less solar energy so less heat is available to be released when the temperature drops, which can affect local micro-climates.